The largest sponsor of Special Olympics Croatia

The NFCACF is very proud of our seven year relationship with the Special Olympics organization in Croatia and premier on-going partnership to support their wonderful activities. It is an annual event for us to stage a summer fundraiser to help raise funds for Special Olympics. The NFCACF was honored to be very involved with the Croatian Special Olympics delegation that came to Los Angeles, CA in 2015 for the Summer World games. It was wonderful to see the red carpet treatment extended to all the Croatian Special Olympians that traveled to Los Angeles in 2015, from the San Pedro Croatian Club and from St. Anthony’s Croatian Catholic Church. The NFCACF network has raised and earmarked over $60,000 the last seven years for Special Olympics.

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The NFCACF network has raised and earmarked over $60,000 the last seven years for Special Olympics.

Helps bring sixteen official sports to over 1.300 Croatians

2021. the NFCACF raised about 80% more than the previous year.

NFCACF continuously works on improving life of those affected by natural disasters and political unrests?

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    Earthquake relief

    NFCACF, along with other Croatian American organizations, has been one of the main organizations dedicated in assisting aid and funds to Croatia threatened by natural disasters. One March 22, 2020, a 5.5 magnitude earthquake shook the capital of Croatia causing considerable damages to The Museum of Arts and Crafts, (MUO, Muzej za Umjetnosti I Obrt) and the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb. In response the NFCACF started a modest fundraising drive to promptly raise over $20,000 and send to MUO, by appealing to NFCACF members to send a tax-deductible donation to NFCACF, with a note for the “MUO Earthquake Fund”. One NFCACF supporter extended $5,000 of matching funds to jumpstart the effort along with a grant award letter of $2,500 from the trustees of The Staples Trust.

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    Relief Fund raised $23,000 for the repairs in the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb

    The Association of Croatian American Professionals ACAP include direct purchases of medical devices of the greatest need

    The Croatian
    Fraternal Union CFU with help from
    NFCFCF held a
    major fundraising drive

    Do you have a great initiative to help Croatian causes but don’t know where to start?
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      Collaborative Relationship with the Most Reverend Bishop Franjo Komarica

      The NFCACF has built a very productive long term relationship with the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Franjo Komarica, the Bishop of Banja Luka and president of the Bishop’s Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The NFCACF supports Bishop Komarica’s commitment to preserve the  Roman Catholic and Croatian traditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

      NFCACF was proud to be a co-sponsor in 2017 with St. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church in New York City which raised $20,000 for Bishop Komarica’s  Banja Luka Catholic Diocese and their immediate need for extra academic support for their religious schools that they manage in Bihac and Banja Luka.

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      Built a very productive
      long term relationship
      with the 2004. Nobel Peace Prize Nominee,
      Franjo Komarica

      NFCACF was proud to be a co-sponsor in 2017 and raised $20,000 for Bishop Komarica’s
      Banja Luka Catholic

      NFCACF is always looking for helping hands and welcomes volunteers to help on various projects!

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