The National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to promoting the interests of the Croatian American community in the United States and especially in Washington, DC

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The NFCACF has ambitious Capitol Hill programs and so many on-going congressional activities in the nation’s capital.


Supporting many activities to promote the signing of the program


High level diplomatic meetings over 27 years.

10+ years

NFCACF collaborated with many groups to support Croatia’s Ascension into NATO

We have participated in 200 plus high level diplomatic meetings over 27 years. We have testified orpresented in over a dozen congressional committees or at foreign policy think tank events. We have been honored with multiple Insertions in the Congressional Record. We have issued over 200 press releases and published many white papers about subjects from NATO Membership, regarding Vukovar and also,
about Bosnia and Herzegovina constitutional issues facing the Croat community there. We collaborated with many groups and diplomats to support Croatia’s Ascension into NATO and which was a ten year plus project. We have been supporting many activities to promote the signing of the VISA Waiver program and the Avoidance of the Double Taxation Treaty between the Republic of Croatia and the United States.



Involved in a wide range of cultural projects from involving Croatia’s tourism
market to Church restoration initiatives in Croatia.


The community’s strongest voice in the nation’s capital for many projects of priority interest to our Croatian American community.


Embraced a number of unique projects, including giving out “40 Under 40” awards to rising stars in the CA community.


Sponsored over hundred special events nationwide from book parties, film
events to Croatian wine tastings.


Promotes the truth about Croatian Americans, Croatia and Croatians in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the United States.


An ongoing major partner supporting all the work of the Congressional Croatian Caucus and its membership.


The NFCACF is a major sponsor of Croatia’s Special Olympics organization and has been very involved in all earthquake relief funds and specifically earmarking funds to two different museums in Zagreb. We have partnered with Bishop Franjo Komarica from the Banja Luka Catholic Diocese on several humanitarian projects.

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In 2018, the NFCACF was awarded the prestigious “Charter of the Republic of Croatia” honor which is extended to international organizations for its long-time contributions for the development of the international position of the Republic of Croatia. These contributions could be in the scientific, economic, cultural or public affairs arena.

Board of Directors

THE NFCACF is managed by an Executive Committee and up to twenty-seven Board members elected by the Annual Assembly of Delegates meeting held every summer.

Board Members 2021-2022
NFCACF Delegates, Board Members and VIP Guests — Philadelphia, September 2021

Front row: Andrea Novak-Neumann, Nena Komarica, Tatjana Mustac, Sanja Newman and Zvonko Labas.

Middle row: Joe Foley, Bernadette Luketich-Sikaras, Tom Mustac, Mark Plavetic, Franjo Bertovic, Jelena Rudela, Anna Maria Sicenica, Vesna Jezic, Mario Spalatin, Steve Rukavina and Vedran Joseph Nazor.

Back row: Marko Kirn, Ed Andrus, Boris Vilic, Adam Radman, Michael Ricci and Ed Pazo and John Kraljic (attended the Philadelphia annual meeting but was not pictured here)

Not pictured: Biljana Abel, Carolyn Bruno, Eric Gregrich, Ron Zivic, Dr. Steve Pavletic