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The NFCACF over the years has published one hundred plus press releases over twenty eight years on a wide expanse of issues affecting Southeastern Europe, multilateral organizational issues affecting the Republic of Croatia, and legislation before the US Congress that addressed complex institutional and political matters affecting progress in the region.


Published press releases on the successful Engel-Anderholt Amendment to the FY18 Department of Defense Authorization Act, which the organization endorsed.

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This legislative initiative required the US Departments of Defense and State to investigate and report on the expansion of influence, both financially and politically, in South Central Europe by a „revanchist“
Russian Federation. The eventual Defense-State Department report back to the Congress, a first, provided a reliable assessment of Russian involvement in nearly a dozen different countries in the region.


The NFCACF popularized with
US and international press the introduction of the Begich-Hahn Resolution in the US Congress.

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His Resolution, for the first time, fully enunciated the details of Bosnian Croat economic, political, and religious difficulties in BiH. This legislative initiative called for a Special Envoy to be appointed by the US
President to report on these complex issues within Bosnia and Herzegovina to the Executive Branch and the US Congress in the pursuit of solution to the dysfunctionality of the national government.


The NFCACF was very active with American and international press on matters of developing support for the Republic of Croatias successful accession to full NATO and EU membership.