Tom Forti
St. Paul, Minnesota.

Owner of Sunrise Creative Gourmet.

Family from Baric Draga, Croatia. Tom is the proud owner of his family’s 4th generation gourmet food business. Located in Hibbing, Minnesota, the Sunrise Bakery was established in 1913 by his great grand father, Guilio, an immigrant from Rome. Over time, their product line evolved from artisan Italian bread to a wide variety of Eastern European ethnic specialty foods, including sarma and potica. Tom moved back to Hibbing to help transform the family business from a retail deli/bakery to a gourmet food manufacturer.

Their gourmet pastas are now sold in over 300 grocery stores in the Upper Midwest, and their distribution continues to grow. Tom launched his own gluten free pasta line and also recently opened a gourmet specialty market and restaurant called Sunrise Creative Gourmet in a trendy area of St. Paul, Minnesota.

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