Petar Crnogorac
Hometown & Current City: Boonton, NJ
College: Montclair University

Hospitality Industry
Family is from Malinksa, Croatia and Posusje, Herzegovina

Petar is a graduate from the Skola Folkora program administered through Matica Isleljenika in Croatia. Petar is currently working in the hospitality industry managing the front desk for Sonesta International. The tourism industry is very interesting to him, because it is also the primary driver of Croatia’s economy. He wants to be able to contribute to Croatia’s economy. In his early twenties he started working with Starbucks coffee. Within a couple years with the company he had secured a management position in a prime location. He also worked at Narona Woodcraft, his family’s millwork firm, as a project manager. Customer service has always been one of his strengths and a logical career path was one that embraced that strength.

Petar is working to create an online repository of traditional Croatian folk music as tool for groups around the world to utilize.The vision is to create a repository of music from across Croatia and the diaspora that can be used to teach both dancers and musicians.

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