Nikola Matic
Hometown: Cleveland
Current Residence: S.E. Germany / Academic Scholorship

Michelle is an 18 year old woman who works with several international organizations to promote importance of culture. Michelle believes culture is a very important part of life and that it is the foundation of people and their character. Michelle shares her Croatian pride and heritage with others through cultural programs, and has been inspired by her Croatian background to be a part of the American Field Service, Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange, National Student Leadership Conference, and other organizations. Michelle uses these organizations as a way to be an ambassador for the importance of an educated future generation in regards to international awareness. Michelle has published her first book at 14 years old inspired by bullying as well, and has done public speeches at universities and charter schools in Cleveland on the importance of accepting and respecting others. Michelle is also a second degree black belt in Kajukenpo, and plans to passionately study Foreign Affairs and National Security when she graduates high school.

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