Mario Govic
Delray Beach, Florida.

Mario is the current founder and President of Govic Capital.

Family from Brodarica, near Sibenik, Croatia. Mario has a very interesting story and he was born in Sibenik, Croatia. He moved to Germany at the age 5 and so was brought up and educated in Germany. He met his future Croatian bride also from the Sibenik area while on vacation in Croatia and a few years later together they moved to the U.S. from Germany. Within a few months of moving to the U.S, Mario found a job on Wall Street in New York City and his successful financial career took off. In 2006, he joined MetLife and made his first million dollars, in earnings, in one year at the age of 27, which was unheard of at the firm. Mario was a member of the prestigious Chairman’s Council for the 6 years he was with Metlife.

In 2012 he started his own firm, Govic Capital in order to be fully independent for his clients and to start a hedge fund and other ventures, not possible working under a corporate umbrella. Mario’s firm specializes in wealth management for high net worth individuals & families. Mario currently owns a handful of companies and involved in numerous business ventures and is excited about investing in Croatia, in the not too distant future. Mario represents the American Dream and is an inspiration for every young person with a drive to succeed.

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