Leon Suvak
Current City: Washington, DC
College: University of Wisconsin

Senior Enterprise Architect, US Army
Family is from Osijek, Croatia

Leon Suvak grew up in the neighborhood of Retfala in the city of Osijek. Like most children, he never put too much thought into the future, Leon was fortunate enough that his parents did think about the future. In early 2005 they submitted an entry for the green card lottery. By May of the same year they moved to Washington DC. At the time he didn’t have a full understanding of the scope of sacrifice his parents made for him and his brother.

They left behind their friends, family, and careers to give them the opportunities they would not have enjoyed back in Osijek. From living in their great-aunt’s basement in the suburbs of Washington DC, they have excelled in high school, graduated from top tier schools, and established ourselves as successful young Croatian-American professionals. Leon attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and rowed for a Division 1 NCAA team. Leon studied abroad in Nankai University in China, and was commissioned as an Army officer. He has since been working in the Pentagon as a Department of Defense cyber-security consultant.

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