Kelsey Aho
Anchorage, Alaska.

ORISE Research Participant at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Resilience and Adaptation Fellow at the University of Alaska Fairbanks Environmentalist

Intercultural Dialogue in South Eastern Europe. Family from Sisak and Zagreb, Croatia. Lifetime Croatian Fraternal Union Member (Lodge 1014-Atlanta, GA) with Croatian grandparents that let to her interest in the Croatian language, culture, music and then to the Croatian landscape. Professionally and academically, Kelsey’s environmental work has been focused on human communities along political boundaries and he research and special initiatives have taken her to Croatia, BiH, Kosovo and Montenegro.

Her project, Balkans Peace Park project has involved managing and coordinating youth programs and volunteers. These programs focus on the locally shared environment, as a tool for lessening political tensions that cascade through borders and from higher levels of govt. Kelsey has had six years of experience with the Balkan alpine ecosystem, specifically the Dinaric Alps. In the long term, she hopes to return to Croatia as a legal advocate for the region’s transboundary environmental features which have no political boundaries. Winner of CFU-Rotary scholarships and the Davis Project-Peace Grant.

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