Joseph Radinovich

Joseph Radinovich
Current City: Ironton, MN
College: Macalester in St. Paul, MN

Family is from Lika, Croatia

Joe began his career as a paraprofessional at elementary and secondary schools right after college. After that, Joe worked as a political organizer and later a union organizer. Later, Joe was a State Legislator, then an Assistant Commissioner at a state agency. In 2012, Joe Radinovich became the youngest member of the Minnesota State House of Representatives, and has developed a career in politics and public service from that point forward. Joe managed two political campaigns–one for Congressman Rick Nolan in 2016, and then Mayor Jacob Frey’s in 2017. In 2018, Joe ran for Congress in the 8th District. He still believes that this is the land of opportunity and equality, and he fights for those beliefs wherever he goes.

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