Angela Stepancic

Angela Stepancic
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Current: Washington, DC
College: Georgetown Univ.

Principal/Educational Activist
Family is from Istria, Croatia

As an educational leader in Washington, DC, Angela B. Stepancic opened two schools which targeted under-served and marginalized communities, one an all-girls middle school in Anacostia, the other an alternative school for Opportunity Youth. Engaging these challenging populations requires expertise in empathy and innovation and also demands adaptive and supportive leadership.

Angela’s vantage point as the child of a Croatian immigrant and black woman placed her at the fulcrum of two polarizing struggles in America – Civil Rights and Immigration. Both of her parents prioritized education and compassion for others and it led her to a career in education, working with communities who are under-resourced and over-looked. For the past sixteen years, she has been a school leader in Washington, DC, working with black and immigrant communities, improving access to education and citizenship.

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