Alexander Salopek

Alexander Salopek
Washington DC.
Librarian at the Supreme Court.

Alex is proud of his work as the Acquisitions and Government Documents Librarian at the United States Supreme Court and supporting the important bench work of the Court and thus being able to serve our Republic. Alex also worked at Trinity Washington University where he primarily worked with first generation college students in teaching and supporting research skills. At the Supreme Court, he was appointed to the Acquisitions-Government Documents Librarian in May 2016.

Previously, Alex had been named the Access Services Librarian at the Sister Helen Sheehan Library as well as being the Acting Head of Circulation in the summer of 2015. He first started working in libraries when he was a student at the University of Chicago because of his advanced studies in Croatian, Modern Greek, Japanese and Latin. Alex is graduate of the Cleveland Junior Tamburitzans Croatian Pride. Alex actively supports both Cleveland Junior Tamburitzans and Zagreb Junior Tamburitzans, attending functions whenever able. Alex is a member of the Croatian Fraternal Union and has recently performed with Zelena Polja, an adult Tamburitzan group. Family is from Selo Salopek, near Ogulin, Croatia.

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