Alexander Krilich McArthy

Alexander Krilich McArthy
Current City: St Louis, MO
College: Saint Xavier University Chicago

Alex Graduated Magna Cum Laude – two BA Degrees Political Science and Organizational Communication. Alexander is the founder of RaisingSails, a branding agency that has been recently named as “A top contender in St. Louis Missouri” for our groundbreaking web design and rapid growth in the region. Alexander’s team has worked with recognizable brands and innovative start-ups across the nation. Prior to graduating college, he began his political career as the Government Affair’s Intern at Americans for Tax Reform in Washington DC. In 2012 he was a top Field Coordinator for the nation’s largest advocacy group, Americans for Prosperity, where he was sent across the country to critical target states such as Ohio and Wisconsin, training teams of colleagues and organizing their grassroots volunteers. In 2016 Alexander was elected to St. Charles County’s Central Committee, and prior to that was the youngest person to run for Missouri’s State Representative, at the age of 23. He recently was recruited to spearhead a podcast for an exciting new project, “Podi Doma” which will help 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Croats connect with their roots. Set to launch in the summer of 2019.

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