In 2023, we proudly celebrated our 30th anniversary and embarked on an ambitious agenda to further our work both on Capitol Hill and within our local Croatian-American communities. As we forge ahead, we remain committed to these endeavors and hope to count on your continued partnership and advocacy.

This year, our goals hinge on the support of our community, as we seek their commitment of time, talent, and treasure to further our mission-driven work. With several key milestones outlined for 2024, we warmly invite you to join us in our collective efforts as we seek to:

  1. Continue our advocacy for the Avoidance of Double Taxation Treaty through our engagement with Capitol Hill representatives, with the aim of achieving US Senate ratification this year;
  2. Host our second induction ceremony for the Croatian American Sports Hall of Fame in Pittsburgh on October 26th, building on the success of our inaugural event in Cleveland in 2022;
  3. Continue our popular history series with a live, in-person symposium featuring leading Croatian historians, on Monday, July 1st at the Matica Hrvatska organizational facility in Zagreb.
  4. Maintain our role as a primary fundraising organization for the Special Olympics, following our successful efforts in raising over $25,000 in 2022-2023;
  5. Organize a special “Open House” event in Zagreb on Sunday, July 7th to salute Dr. William Novick, a distinguished pediatric cardiac surgeon who saved 531 Croatian children, from 1992-2003 and it’s time to honor him in Croatia!
  6. Co-host a Memorial Event with the Croatian Military History Society on the island of Vis on Friday, July 5th . The event, “World War II-80th Anniversary”, will honor the heroism of the American and British pilots who utilized the Vis airfield in 1944-1945.

These initiatives represent just a mere glimpse of how your philanthropy continues to fuel our mission. We invite you to consider making a donation this year and are most grateful for your thoughtful consideration of this special request.

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