Tatjana Mustac
Whitestone New York. Rutgers University.

With her outstanding and stellar high school achievements and coupled with all her Croatian activities has earned her, the one spot set aside for a rising star Croatian American college student in the USA! Throughout her high school career, she was part of science research program at her high school and even conducted her own own original research project under the mentorship of a Rutgers professor.

Her research looked at the effects of bilingual memory when exposed to various music samples. It was a four year commitment and her project was entered into a few STEM competitions and a few conferences. During the spring of her senior year, she had the privilege of presenting her work at a competition in New York City and a conference in Washington D.C.!
She even created a Croatian Club at her high school, in which she was the President for three years. The club participated at various school events such as International Night. She earned and gained the membership of three National Honor.

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