Mario Jurcic
Cleveland, OH.
President: Ohio IT Security Firm.

Family from Batnoga and Tatar Varos, Croatia. Mario Jurcic is a 31 year old entrepreneur and has built a very successful IT business. In 2008, recognized as one of the top 20, best dorm based businesses in America. Mario’s company now Secure-Ohio is working with national companies such as First Energy Corp.

He was also named fortune 5000 company and selected as Impact 100 as a young 30 under 30 entrepreneur in 2012-2013. chievements also include: 2013 Inc 5000 and 630th on the list of America’s most rapidly growing privately held companies.  He volunteers his time to mentor new business owners and does hire Second Chance Employees and formerly incarcerated or in active in addiction recovery programs and paying them above minimum wage with opportunity for advancement and growth. Mario was active with Croatian soccer leagues for many years.

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