Marina Masic
White Plains, NY.

Owner – Lumina NY Company, Hypnagogic Light and Lucia Light Technology. Marina Masic, Ph.D. is clearly an innovative philosopher and has worked in the fields of art, education and wellness for over fifteen years. She received a Masters in Art Therapy from NYU and her doctorate from The European Graduate School in Philosophy, Media and Communications. She also pursued graduate studies in performance interactive media art and art and social change.

Marina has utilized and mixed all combined interests in philosophy, neuroscience, nonfiction and art into actual career opportunities. She has worked as a Professor and also, a Therapist at Columbia University Medical Center She has facilitated a Mindfulness meditation program in over ten public and private schools.

She was a journalist at the UN for Climate Change as a student. She has been a professor of Media Art at Manhattanville College and College of New Rochelle and faculty in Art Therapy at Columbia University Medical Center in the Developmental Neuropsychiatry Program.

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