Marija Krpan Kuren

Marija Krpan Kuren
Hometown: Steelton, PA
Job: Lawyer
College: Penn State

Assistant Counsel for Pennsylvania’s Governor’s Office
Family is from Lika, Croatia

Marija Krpan Kuren, from Steelton, Pa was the 2018 Guest Conductor for the Croatian Fraternal Union’s (CFU) 52nd Annual Junior Tamburitzan festival held last summer. This 2018 tour and festival in Zagreb brought over 450 Croatian American children to Croatia for a wonderful experience and a chance to perform. Marija describes her experience as Guest Conductor in Lisinski Hall as ‘neopisivo’ (indescribable) and unforgettable just as it was fro Croatia to make it to the finals in the World Cup. Marija actually shared the stage on Saturday, June 30th at the prestigious Lisinski Hall with her son Ante, who is a member of the Sv. Lovro Junior Tamburitzans.

Her parents, from an early age, fostered her love for Croatian folk music and dance. Marija is proudly a “Hrvatica” and a “licanka” and all the family is proud to originate from the Lika Area from Croatia. Marija stays quite busy, with husband Scott, raising four children: Ante, Illija, Alojz and Magdalena! However, she still finds time for her love for teaching Croatian music and dance which is a great tribute for Marija who professionally is an active lawyer.

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