Tiffany Senkow
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Current City: Minneapolis, MN

PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering
Family is from Volavje and Domagovic, Croatia

Tiffany is a current PhD Candidate in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota (Expected graduation: Summer 2019). The goal of her doctoral thesis is to assess the potential of using skin mechanics or vibrosensing (i.e. how well people can feel vibrations) as biomarkers to complement the existing clinical measurements to diagnose or characterize Dupuytrens disease. Dupuytrens disease is a hand deformity where knots of tissue form in the palm and fingers, eventually creating thick cords that cause affected fingers to bend. She was recently awarded a Diversity Travel Grant to present her research at the World Congress of Biomechanics in Dublin, Ireland.

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