Maja Keres
Hometown: Rijeka Croatia
Current City: Los Angeles
College: Rijeka University

Maja has a Master’s Degree. Her majors were English Language, Literature and History of Art. She has been dancing throughout her entire high school and college days, so after she got her Master’s Degree she decided she wanted to follow her passion for dance and turn it into an actual profession. Maja is also classical music educated, she graduated from elementary and high school at the Music school Ivan Matetic Ronjgov in Rijeka – piano was her major. She has always been interested in arts (music, dance, visual arts) and was also very good at sports. So she feels that dance is the best way of combining both. She started dancing when she was about 5 years old in but committed to it seriously at the age of 16. She learned jazz dance, ballet and contemporary just by being part of a local dance group. Craving to learn more about dance and different styles of it, she started attending numerous workshops and classes not only in Croatia, but throughout Europe, learning more about hip hop and other urban styles of dance. She started working professionally in Croatia, but her curiosity finally took across the pond to the USA. She trained at the world renowned Broadway Dance Center, NYC in 2011. Professional career in 2014.

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