Derek Hohn
Pittsburgh/Cokeburg, PA.

Derek is currently employed by the Croatian Fraternal Union as the Director of Fraternal Programs. Derek has many titles:

  1. President Board of Trustees CFU Lodge 354 of Cokeburg, PA.
  2. Delegate to the CFU Quadrennial Conventions.
  3. Director on the Board of the CFU Scholarship Foundation.
  4. Member of the Association of Croatian American Professionals (ACAP).
  5. Assistant instructor of the St. George Jr. Tamburitzans, member St.
  6. George Adult Tamburitza Ensemble.
  7. Accomplished tamburitza musician, Tamburaski Sastav “Barabe” and Jerry Grcevich Orchestra.
  8. Traveled to Croatia on eight occasions, mostly on tamburitzan concert tours.
  9. Met with every Croatian President and other top officials since Croatia became an independent state.
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