Alexandra Schmidt

Alexandra Schmidt
Roseville, Minnesota and Dubrovnik, Croatia

Digital Marketing, Blogging and Website creator.
Family is from Rijeka and Lika, Croatia.

Alexandra graduated from Loyola University Chicago, with degrees in Political Science, journalism, and environmental science. Alex studied abroad in Dubrovnik Croatia, studying international diplomacy. While at Loyola Alexandra took the organization “Women in Leadership Loyola” (W.I.L.L) from its almost defunct stage and turning it into one of the most vibrant organizations on campus. She even got several young men to join the organization. Under Alex’s leadership, W.I.L.L received an award for the “Student organization of the Year in 2012”.

While in the United States, Alex has performed a plethora of volunteer work from the Neighborhood Justice Center in St. Paul, MN to helping at risk minority teenagers in the Roger’s Park area of Chicago, IL. One of the other amazing things about Alex’s current career path her digital marketing, blogging, website creating have all been self-taught.

She did not get a degree in these areas and has had to learn these skills herself. Alex has many talents as well: she has played the viola since the 4th grade, taught herself how to play the guitar, and is hoping to learn to play the mandolin like her Croatian Grandfather.

Alex is also a very accomplished and self-taught photographer and videographer.

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