Please let me share with you all that 2020 will soon be behind us and we all look forward to a safe and more social and in person active world as 2021 unfolds!

Next, the National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural Foundation was proud to host on November 21st a wonderful webinar to analyze the Dayton Peace Accord and was held 25 years to the actual day that the DPA agreement was initialed in Dayton, Ohio. We hope you get a chance to view the webinar recording through the YouTube link is shown below!.

Recording of the 25th Anniversary DPA Webinar

Here’s a YouTube playlist of all the clips here.

We were honored to have the following speakers who participated on our 25th Dayton Peace Accord webinar event:
Peter Galbraith, former US Ambassador to Croatia
Dr. Mate Granić, Croatia’s Foreign Minister in 1995
Ed Joseph, Senior Fellow from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
Zeljana Zovko, Member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs
Luka Misetic, Attorney with Squire Patton Boggs
Drazen Babarić, Assistant Professor at the University of Mostar
Let me announce that we will sponsor a number of exciting webinars in early 2021 to include:

Peter Frankopan book event and discussion on January 30th, 2021. Join the world famous author and Oxford Professor for the discussion of of The Silk Roads and The New Silk Roads with his insights about Chinese influences in Southeast Europe.

Constitutional Webinar looking at functional “federalization” versus the dysfunctional two-entity BiH structure set for mid-February.

Alex Schmidt Save the date for February 6th for a virtual travel event you won’t want to miss: “The Future of Travel in Croatia”. Co-founders of Mindful Travel Croatia, Alex Schmidt and Domeniko Hajdic, will be sharing their insider knowledge and expertise on what’s going on in Croatia right now and what’s to come in the future of tourism. Join us for important updates and exclusive tips on how to plan your dream trip to Croatia.

Please let me wish everyone a safe, peaceful family holiday!

Sve najbolje,

Steve Rukavina
National Federation of Croatian Americans
Cultural Foundation
twitter: @StevenRuksj