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Press Releases and Press Coverage

  NFCA's Steve Rukavina at John Hopkins SAIS Panel Discussion on Russia Influence in SE Europe 'TCN' - 2/6/18

  US Congress Orders Major Study on Growing Russian Interests in the Western Balkans: Engel-Aderholt Amendment - 1/4/18

  NFCA's Painting on Exhibit at Zagreb's Museum of Arts and Crafts 'TCN' - 12/21/17

  25th Anniversary Dinner Celebrating Diplomatic Relations between Croatia and USA in Washington, DC 'TCN' - 12/6/17

  NFCA's "40 Under 40" Awards at Minnesota Christmas Party 'TCN' - 12/2/17

  NFCA's "40 Under 40" Winner Biljana Lovrinovic 'TCN' - 11/8/17

  Is Giovanna Drpic the Political Reporter a Future NFCA Award Winner? 'TCN' - 10/31/17

  NFCA/ NYC's Fundraiser for Dr Franjo Komarica the Bishop of Banja Luka BiH 'TCN' - 10/2/17

 NFCA Summer Newsletter - 8/2/17

 NFCA Musical Event on October 1st in NYC, Teresa Scanlan (Miss America 2011) to Attend, "40 Under 40" Winners will be Honored 'TCN' - 7/31/17

 24th NFCA Annual Convention Summary - Pittsburgh, Pa 'TCN' - 6/9/17

 Congress: Europe Subcommittee Hearings Statement by NFCA President Rukavina on Needed Bosnian Electoral Law Changes - 5/17/17

  BiH Bishop's Conference in the Center of Banja Luka to Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Commission - 5/6/17

  24th NFCA Delegate Assembly to be held on June 2nd & 3rd in Pittsburgh/ Monroeville, Pa at the CFU Headquarters - 4/27/17

  Croatia's 25th Anniversary Interview of NFCA's Zvonko Labas by 'TCN' - 4/16/17

  NFCA Group Meets With US Ambassador in the Nation's Capital 'TCN' - 3/30/17

  NFCA Announces California Rep Nanette Barragan as the New Croatian Caucus Co-Chair in the US Congress 'TCN' - 3/16/17

  NFCA's "40 Under 40" Winner Ana Vidovic 'TCN' - 3/8/17

  NFCA Continues Leadership on Croat Bosnian Concerns, 'Vecernji list-Mostar' in Croatian - 2/28/17

  2016 Year in Review (Photo Slideshow) Also Click on NFCA & ACAP Conference Under "Photos" in the Blue Menu - 12/31/16

  2016 Year in Review (Newsletter) - 12/31/16

  NFCA's "40 Under 40" Winners, 8th Best Article of 2016 'TCN' - 12/24/16

  NFCA's "40 Under 40" Winner Christina Cindrich 'TCN' - 12/14/16

  NFCA's "40 Under 40" Winner Stipe Miocic 'TCN' - 12/14/16

  NFCA's "40 Under 40" Winners 'CROWN' - 12/6/16

 Office of High Rep Letter from NFCA President Rukavina Regarding Urgent Need for Bosnian Electoral Law Reforms - 9/20/16

  23rd NFCA Delegate Assembly Summary - Washington DC - 6/28/16

  NFCA, ACAP and CABA Support US and Croatia Tax Treaty - 6/16/16

 ACAP Conference Report by Steve Rukavina - 4/28/16

  23rd NFCA Delegate Assembly to be held on June 10th & 11th in Washington DC - 4/14/16

  NFCA Meets with FBiH President Marinko Canara 'TCN' - 2/9/16

  NFCA Meets with FBiH President Marinko Canara (Article Only) - 2/9/16

  Will the US send a Special Envoy to the Balkans? - 11/1/15

  Will the US send a Special Envoy to the Balkans?, 'Al Jazeera Balkans' in Croatian - 11/1/15

  Hahn Resolution Reintroduced in US Congress, NFCA Meets with BiH President Dragan Covic at UN - 10/30/15

  Newly Appointed US Ambassador Noyes Departs for Zagreb, 'Vecernji list' in Croatian - 10/18/15

  US Ambassador Julieta Valls Noyes Meets Top Croatian Americans at State Dept Before Departure to Zagreb - 10/12/15

  H. Res. 477: Special Envoy for the Balkans to Evaluate Successes and Shortcomings of Dayton Peace Accords - 10/9/15

  Bosnian Croat Member of the Presidency Dragan Covic Visits with NFCA Leaders at UN, in Croatian - 10/1/15

  22nd NFCA Assembly Elects New Officers, PA Congressman Mike Doyle Delivers Keynote Speech to Delegates - 7/17/15

  Founding Member of Congressional Croatian Caucus Rep. Mike Doyle's Speech before NFCA Annual Assembly - 6/6/15

  Croatian Sabor Deputy Speaker Reiner and NFCA Leaders Meets with House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) - 2/20/15

  'Devni list' Interview with NFCA's Joe Foley on Political & Economic Difficulties of Croat Bosnians, in Croatian - 10/10/14

  'Vecernji list' Interview with NFCA's Joe Foley on the Begich/Hahn Resolution for BiH Special Envoy, in Croatian - 10/1/14

  'Vecernji list' Interview with NFCA's Joe Foley, in English - 10/1/14

  Hahn Resolution Receives Major Attention in Bosnian Press 'Vecernji list' - 8/15/14

  Congresswomen Janice Hahn (D-CA) Introduces H. Res. 705, in English - 8/11/14

  Congresswomen Janice Hahn Introduces H. Res. 705 'Vecernji list' in Croatian - 8/11/14

  Double Tax Treaty Promoted for Croatia, NFCA Sends Letter to Rep. David Joyce (R-OH) - 7/16/14

  Sabor Deputy Speaker Zeljko Reiner Meets with US Congress & NFCA Leaders - 2/27/14

  Co-Chairs for Croatian Caucus in New Congress Announced - Rep Janice Hahn (D-CA) and Rep. David Joyce (R-OH) - 11/6/13

  Croatia Joins European Union - July 2013

  20th Assembly Elects Tonsetic-Kunder President, Keynote Speech by 2011 Miss America Teresa Scanlan, a Croatian American - 6/26/13

  Visa Waiver Program Inclusion for Croatia, NFCA's Letter to Congress - 6/21/13

  Joe Rukavina, Co-Founder of NFCA in 1992, Passes - 6/12/13

  NFCA Highly Commends US Senator Mark Begich of Alaska for his Insight on Matters Affecting Progress in BiH - 5/13/13

  S.Res.131 Introduced by Senator Mark Begich to Designate a Special Envoy for Bosnia to Review Dayton Peace Accords Implementation - 5/8/13

  NFCA Pres Ed Andrus Receives Stjepan Radic Medal from Croatian Gov't at Retirement Reception Kucinich & Gallegly - 12/5/12

  NFCA Pres Ed Andrus's Speech at Retirement Recep for Congressmen Dennis Kucinich & Elton Gallegly - 12/5/12

  19th NFCA Annual Assembly in Cleveland, 'Croatian Chronicle' - 10/28/12

  19th NFCA Annual Assembly of Delegates in Cleveland, Oh - 9/12/12

  Raffi Gregorian, Deputy High Rep for BiH, Addresses 2012 Delegates, 'Vecernji List' in English - 9/13/12

  Raffi Gregorian, Deputy High Rep for BiH, Addresses 2012 Delegates, 'Vecernji List' in Croatian - 9/13/12

  NFCA President Vergot Cites Cardinal Pujic's Contributions by Croat Bosnians, 'Vecernji List' in Croatian - 9/13/12

  NFCA Provides Full Support for Expansion of US Visa Waiver Program to Include Croatia - 2/9/12

  Congressional Testimony by NFCA on Visa Waiver for Croatia - 12/7/11

  Congressional Testimony - Cardinal Puljic 'White Paper' on Ongoing Bosnian Croat Political and Economic Difficulties - 11/15/11

  Cardinal Puljic of Sarajevo & NFCA Leaders Meet US House Speaker John Boehner, Sen Mark Begich & Rep. Elton Gallegly, 'Croatian Chronicle' in English- 11/11/11

  US Senator Mark Begich's Letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about Bosnian Political Problems - 10/4/11

  NFCA VP Zvonko Labas Interview on Croat Bosnian Political & Economic Difficulties, 'Vecernji List' in Croatian - 9/23/11

 Speaker John Boehner meets with Cardinal Puljic, Bosnian Ambassador and NFCA leaders, in Croatian - 9/22/11

  18th NFCA Annual Conference in Pittsburgh (Clarion), Pa - June 2011

  Delegation of NFCA Members Meet with President's National Security Council - 11/18/10

  Croatia's Croatian President Ivo Josipovic Visits United Nations and Meets with NFCA Leaders - 10/7/10

  Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor's Congressional Reception on Capitol Hill in Washington - 7/7/10

  17th NFCA Annual Conference in Pittsburgh (Monroeville), Pa - 5/15/10

  16th NFCA Annual Conference in Washington, DC (Gaithersburg, Md) - 6/6/09

  NATO Flag for Croatia Raised in Norfolk, NFCA Leaders Attend, 'Jutarnji list' in Croatian - 5/11/09

  NFCA White Paper on Sarajevo Cardinal Vinko Puljic Washington Meetings - 2/20/09

  NATO Treaty Signed at White House for Croatia & Albania, 'Zajednicar' in English - 11/5/08

  President George Bush Signs the NATO Accession Protocols for Croatia and Albania - 10/28/08

  15th NFCA Annual Conference in Washington, DC (Gaithersburg, Md) - 6/7/08

  NFCA is Gratified that Croatia is Invited to Become a Full Member of NATO - 4/3/08

  US House of Representatives Passes H. Res 529 Recommending Croatia's Admission to NATO, 'Croatian Chronicle' in English - 2/23/06

  NFCA Works with US Congress to Increased Economic Assistance for Croatia and Montenegro, 'CROWN' - 9/12/02