National Federation of Croatian Americans
Cultural Foundation
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6/2/17 - Friday

  NFCACF Annual Conference.
  Welcoming Reception/Wine Tasting.
  Croatian wines include Posip, Grasevina, Malvazija, Babic and Plavac Mali.
  Some kind of a Salute to NFCA's "40 Under 40" Winners.
  We are Thrilled that Tamburaski Sastav Ponoc will be entertaining the Crowd.
  Proceeds to benefit Special Olympics-Croatia. Band members: Peter Kosovec,
  John Huckle, Mark Stafura, Ben Wagner and Nikola Vranesevic.

  6:45 pm to 9:15 pm
  CFU Headquarters -  Pittsburgh/ Monroeville, Pa
  The tickets: $25 per person.

6/3/17 - Saturday

  NFCACF Annual Conference
  NFCA President-Lifetime Achievement Awards

  Annual Meeting/Election of Officers 8:30am- Noon
  Speakers/Public Session 1:00 to 4:30pm

6/9/17 - Friday

  HURA Event - Season closing event to celebrate the purchase of the grand
  baby piano for the Croatian Embassy supported by generous donations of
  the local Croatian community.  Concert by Tom from Charleston.

  6:45 pm - Arrive
  7:00 pm - Speaker - Croatian Embassy


  CFU National Golf Tournament

  Steelton, Pa

6/10-11?/17- Sat & Sunday

  Annual Festival - Sacramento, Ca   Croatian Extravaganza

  Wow, Every City Wishes they had a Building and
  Land Like Sacramento

6/11?/17 -  Sunday

  Croatian Picnic

  Millvale, Pa

6/14/17 - Wednesday

  Reception on the Occasion of the National Day and Armed Forces Day
  of the Republic of Croatia.
  Please RSVP by June 11 at (acceptances only).

  7:00 to 9:00pm- 17th St & Constitution
  at OAS (Organization of American States)

6/22-23/17 Sat & Sunday

  CFU Soccer Tournament   CFU Cup website

  Cokeburg, Pa

6/30 thru 7/2/17- Fri, Sat & Sun

  51st Annual CFU Junior Tamburitza Festival
  June 29 thru July 1, 2018 in Zagreb

  Downtown Hilton - Cleveland, OH

7/7/17 -  Friday

  Dinner and Reception.  And Tribute to Nikola Tesla   Reservations.
  Tesla will present attendees with rides in a Tesla vehicle.
  Electric Motor Technology.

  7:00 pm - Croatian Embassy


  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour CANCELED
  Summertime Break/ Vacation

  Buy a Bottle of Vino and Watch a Croatian
  Speaker on ;-)

7/12/17 -  Wednesday

  Reception - 25th anniversary of the U.S. and Croatian relationship
  1st visit of the Croatian minister of defense and the deputy prime minister
  Mr. Damir Krsticevic

  Croatian embassy

7/23?/17 -  Sunday

  Croatian Picnic

  Millvale, Pa

8/13/17 -  Sunday

  Four County Picnic

  Clairton, Pa West Pittsburgh


  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour CANCELED
  Go on Holiday to Croatia ;-)

  Croatian Coast

8/20?/17 - Sunday

  Fraternal Day Picnic

  Millvale, Pa

8/21?/17 - Sunday

  Annual Picnic, Farrell Croatian Home

  Farrell, Pa

9/2/17 - Saturday

  CFU Croatian Day Picnic and live Music
  Duquesne University Tamburitzans?

  Kennywood Amusement Park. East Pittsburgh, Pa

9/11?/17 - Sunday

  Jr Tamburitzan St George Picnic

  Cokeburg, Pa South of Pittsburgh

9/15-18?/17 - Thur- Sunday

  Tamburitza Extravaganza Festival


9/15?/17 - Friday

  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour
  Lecturer to be announced

  7:00 pm - Croatian Embassy

10/1?/17 -  Sunday

  NFCA Music and Entertainment Event
  Partial Organizer = Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius

  NYC (Manhattan)

10/1?/17 - 

  The Tamburitzans (Formerly Duquesne University Tamburitzans)

  7:00 pm - Masonic Theatre - Pittsburgh, Pa

10/1-2?/17 - Sat- Sunday

  Croatian Festival

  Seattle, WA

10/6/17 - Friday

  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour- Croatian Olive Oils Tasting Event

  7:00 pm - Croatian Embassy

10/16?/17 - Sunday

  Croatian Heritage Festival   Croatian American Cultural Center

  Noon - San Francisco, CA

10/22?/17 - Saturday

  Fall Festival

  Aliquippa, Pa Croatian Center

10/23?/17 - Sunday

  Autumn Family Picnic
  Croatian American Cultural Center

  3:00 pm - Sacramento, CA


  ACBA (American Croatian Business Association)  

  ?:00 pm - Cleveland, OH

11/3/17 - Friday

  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour
  Croatian Wines Tasting by Potomac Wines

  7:00 pm - Croatian Embassy

11/3-5/17 -  Friday- Sunday

  Playing, Singing and Dancing - CFU Adult TamFest

  Orlando, Fl

11/6-8/17 - Mon,Tue,Wed

  G2.3 Croatian Global Business Networking Meeting
  We are 8 Million people not 4.5 G2.3 Website 3rd Annual Meeting

  Congress Centre Forum Zagreb

12/1/17 - Friday

  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour
  Drew Stoken - Eyes Health ABC

  6:45 pm - Arrive
  7:00 pm - Speaker - Croatian Embassy

Saturday 12/2/17

  Croatian Cultural Society of Minnesota
  Annual Christmas Party/ Dinner
  Have a band- Sam Miltich (a 40 under 40 winner) will be performing

  6:00 pm - Croatian Hall
  445 South 2nd Ave, South St. Paul, MN

Saturday 12/2?/17

  Prijateli Orchestra of Chicago
  Annual Christmas Dinner/ Gathering/ Party

  6:00 pm
  Joliet Road; McCook, IL

12/16/17 - Saturday

  HURA and Wash DC Croatian Community Christmas Party
  Potluck Dinner With Live Croatian Music

  6:00 pm - at Croatian Embassy ?
  Not at Our Lady of Victory Church Hall

Saturday 12/10?/17

  Sloboda CFU Lodge #32 of Chicago - Christmas Luncheon

  12:15 pm - S. Harlem Ave; Bridgeview, IL

6/29 thru 7/1/18- Fri, Sat & Sun

  52nd Annual CFU Junior Tamburitza Festival
  June 29 thru July 1, 2018 in Zagreb

  Zagreb Croatia