National Federation of Croatian Americans
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6/2/17 - Friday

  NFCACF Annual Conference.
  Welcoming Reception/Wine Tasting.
  Croatian wines include Posip, Grasevina, Malvazija, Babic and Plavac Mali.
  Some kind of a Salute to NFCA's "40 Under 40" Winners.
  We are Thrilled that Tamburaski Sastav Ponoc will be entertaining the Crowd.
  Proceeds to benefit Special Olympics-Croatia. Band members: Peter Kosovec,
  John Huckle, Mark Stafura, Ben Wagner and Nikola Vranesevic.

  6:45 pm to 9:15 pm
  CFU Headquarters -  Pittsburgh/ Monroeville, Pa
  The tickets: $25 per person.

6/3/17 - Saturday

  NFCACF Annual Conference
  NFCA President-Lifetime Achievement Awards

  Annual Meeting/Election of Officers 8:30am- Noon
  Speakers/Public Session 1:00 to 4:30pm

6/9/17 - Friday

  HURA Event - Season closing event to celebrate the purchase of the grand
  baby piano for the Croatian Embassy supported by generous donations of
  the local Croatian community.  Concert by Tom from Charleston.

  6:45 pm - Arrive
  7:00 pm - Speaker - Croatian Embassy


  CFU National Golf Tournament

  Steelton, Pa

6/10-11?/17- Sat & Sunday

  Annual Festival - Sacramento, Ca   Croatian Extravaganza

  Wow, Every City Wishes they had a Building and
  Land Like Sacramento

6/11?/17 -  Sunday

  Croatian Picnic

  Millvale, Pa

6/14/17 - Wednesday

  Reception on the Occasion of the National Day and Armed Forces Day
  of the Republic of Croatia.
  Please RSVP by June 11 at (acceptances only).

  7:00 to 9:00pm- 17th St & Constitution
  at OAS (Organization of American States)

6/22-23/17 Sat & Sunday

  CFU Soccer Tournament   CFU Cup website

  Cokeburg, Pa

6/30 thru 7/2/17- Fri, Sat & Sun

  51st Annual CFU Junior Tamburitza Festival
  June 29 thru July 1, 2018 in Zagreb

  Downtown Hilton - Cleveland, OH

7/7/17 -  Friday

  Dinner and Reception.  And Tribute to Nikola Tesla   Reservations.
  Tesla will present attendees with rides in a Tesla vehicle.
  Electric Motor Technology.

  7:00 pm - Croatian Embassy


  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour CANCELED
  Summertime Break/ Vacation

  Buy a Bottle of Vino and Watch a Croatian
  Speaker on ;-)

7/12/17 -  Wednesday

  Reception - 25th anniversary of the U.S. and Croatian relationship
  1st visit of the Croatian minister of defense and the deputy prime minister
  Mr. Damir Krsticevic

  Croatian embassy

7/23?/17 -  Sunday

  Croatian Picnic

  Millvale, Pa

8/13/17 -  Sunday

  Four County Picnic

  Clairton, Pa West Pittsburgh


  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour CANCELED
  Go on Holiday to Croatia ;-)

  Croatian Coast

8/20?/17 - Sunday

  Fraternal Day Picnic

  Millvale, Pa

8/21?/17 - Sunday

  Annual Picnic, Farrell Croatian Home

  Farrell, Pa

9/2/17 - Saturday

  CFU Croatian Day Picnic and live Music
  Duquesne University Tamburitzans?

  Kennywood Amusement Park. East Pittsburgh, Pa

9/11?/17 - Sunday

  Jr Tamburitzan St George Picnic

  Cokeburg, Pa South of Pittsburgh

9/15-18?/17 - Thur- Sunday

  Tamburitza Extravaganza Festival


9/15?/17 - Friday

  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour
  Lecturer to be announced

  7:00 pm - Croatian Embassy

9/21/17 - Thursday

  Embassy of Montenegro Dinner Reception with the Ambassador of
  Montenegro Join us on your own or with friends to discover Montenegro and
  the beauty of the Adriatic. Overview of Montenegro, Montenegrin culture,
  geography & tourism. Dinner buffet feast of traditional Montenegrin food.

  7:00 pm - Montenegro Embassy
  Reservation Website

10/1/17 -  Sunday

  NFCA Music Event Fundraiser to benefit the Banja Luka Catholic Diocese.
  Partnering with NY City Croatian Catholic community at the Church
  of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Will Honor NFCA's "40 Under 40"
  winners. Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011 will be one of the featured
  Croatian American guests in attendance.

  1:00 pm - Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius
  NYC (Manhattan)

10/1?/17 - 

  The Tamburitzans (Formerly Duquesne University Tamburitzans)

  7:00 pm - Masonic Theatre - Pittsburgh, Pa

10/1-2?/17 - Sat- Sunday

  Croatian Festival

  Seattle, WA

10/6/17 - Friday

  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour- Croatian Olive Oils Tasting Event

  7:00 pm - Croatian Embassy

10/16?/17 - Sunday

  Croatian Heritage Festival   Croatian American Cultural Center

  Noon - San Francisco, CA

10/22?/17 - Saturday

  Fall Festival

  Aliquippa, Pa Croatian Center

10/23?/17 - Sunday

  Autumn Family Picnic
  Croatian American Cultural Center

  3:00 pm - Sacramento, CA


  ACBA (American Croatian Business Association)  

  ?:00 pm - Cleveland, OH

11/3/17 - Friday

  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour
  Croatian Wines Tasting by Potomac Wines

  7:00 pm - Croatian Embassy

11/3-5/17 -  Friday- Sunday

  Playing, Singing and Dancing - CFU Adult TamFest

  Orlando, Fl

11/6-8/17 - Mon,Tue,Wed

  G2.3 Croatian Global Business Networking Meeting
  We are 8 Million people not 4.5 G2.3 Website 3rd Annual Meeting

  Congress Centre Forum Zagreb

12/1/17 - Friday

  HURA Monthly Speaker and Happy Hour
  Drew Stoken - Eyes Health ABC

  6:45 pm - Arrive
  7:00 pm - Speaker - Croatian Embassy

Saturday 12/2/17

  Croatian Cultural Society of Minnesota
  Annual Christmas Party/ Dinner
  Have a band- Sam Miltich (a 40 under 40 winner) will be performing

  6:00 pm - Croatian Hall
  445 South 2nd Ave, South St. Paul, MN

Saturday 12/2?/17

  Prijateli Orchestra of Chicago
  Annual Christmas Dinner/ Gathering/ Party

  6:00 pm
  Joliet Road; McCook, IL

12/16/17 - Saturday

  HURA and Wash DC Croatian Community Christmas Party
  Potluck Dinner With Live Croatian Music

  6:00 pm - at Croatian Embassy ?
  Not at Our Lady of Victory Church Hall

Saturday 12/10?/17

  Sloboda CFU Lodge #32 of Chicago - Christmas Luncheon

  12:15 pm - S. Harlem Ave; Bridgeview, IL

6/29 thru 7/1/18- Fri, Sat & Sun

  52nd Annual CFU Junior Tamburitza Festival
  June 29 thru July 1, 2018 in Zagreb

  Zagreb Croatia