"40 Under 40" Candidate Information Form
Please submit candidate form ASAP.   Email Steve Rukavina  sjrukavina@gmail.com  with questions/problems submitting this form.

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Share your achievements or proud accomplishments within your professional career.

Share your plans for any future projects, personal or professional.

What Croatian American activities or groups have you been involved with?

Describe how your Croatian pride and heritage has influenced you and your personal
or professional life.

Provide details regarding awards, community service activities, notable accomplishments and/or academic achievements that are significant, possibly related to a Croatian connection.

Fun family question: village-town or area where your Croatian relatives are from and any other salute to your Croatian ancestors.

Save All Information Before Submitting the Form.  Emailing the form should be done
from a Home Computer.  After You Press the "Submit" Button you can attach files and
photos to the email.  Or answer questions on a MS Word file.
All winners can have two pictures on the NFCA website: one portrait photo.