NFCA To Host Bishop Komarica Fundraiser - Sunday, October 1st in New York City
Dear Croatian Friends and Friends of the Croatian American Community.  Start Spreading the News,  We are Leaving on October 1st,  We want to be a part of it,  NY NY ;-).
    Kako ste? Hope all is well with everyone! Please let me share a few NFCA, Republic of Croatia and Croatian American updates from the past 60 days. We are proud to announce that the
  NFCA is working directly with the NY City Croatian Catholic community at Sts. Cyril Methodius Church to host a Sunday 1:00 pm, October 1st music event-fundraiser-salute to honor
  NFCA's "40 Under 40" winners and to benefit the Banja Luka Catholic Diocese. Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011 will be one of the featured Croatian American guests in attendance.

    We did have a very successful convention in Pittsburgh, June 2-3. We have elected a strong Board of Directors to help focus and manage multiple NFCA priority projects of interest.
  We also raised money for Special Olympics in Croatia with a Friday night June 2nd fundraiser and thank you Nadine Bognar for her generous support for the wonderful dinner that was
  part of this fun event at the Croatian Fraternal Union facility.

    July was a hugely geo-politically significant month for Croatia. We saw the Croatian Defense Minister, Damir Krsticevic receive the red carpet treatment from the US Secretary of Defense,
  James Mattis and also, there was the very successful bilateral meeting between the USA and Croatia at the Three Seas Initiative in Warsaw. President Kolinda Grabar-Kitraovic was a key
  catalyst to plan this summit and to encourage the US to attend with a presidential delegation and yes, the topic of an "Avoidance of a Double Taxation Treaty" with Croatia was discussed.
  Word has it that President Donald Trump asked the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin to look into it. The NFCA and ACAP with the Croatian Bar Association continue our work
  within a Task Force Committee to build the case for this treaty. Please contact me or Mauro Viskovic with ACAP-Croatian Bar if there's any American company you deal with that can
  add any details from a US-Croatia perspective to strengthen our case for this DTT treaty.

    Next, the NFCA continues a myriad of projects to help Bosnian Croats within political, diplomatic and humanitarian projects. We will be releasing a "white paper" this fall that will
  detail and outline the on-going discriminatory policies that face the Bosnian Croat population still living in the Republika Srpska. John Kraljic will manage that effort and this data,
  facts and the realities on the ground there will serve our cause well when any discussions occur over the next year about modernizing the Dayton Peace Accord.

    We continue our work on Capitol Hill and in the nation's capital and NFCA representatives attended and participated in over a dozen meetings, receptions and events in June and July.
  Our consultant Joe Foley, was up and down the Hill the past few months discussing several Croatian projects and we have added a few new members to our Croatian Congressional Caucus.

    Lastly, please let us know if you can provide any energy or support to help us with our October 1st event in NY City. Also, let me salute Ambassador Josko Paro for all his savvy
  efforts over the last five years in Washington DC, nationwide and with all his wonderful collaboration with the Croatian American community.

  Thanks and all the best,
  Steve Rukavina, President
  National Federation of Croatian Americans Cultural Foundation
  cell: 301-526-2350
  Twitter @StevenRuksj